An Introduction to AHT Solutions, LLC

To date, brine disposal has been an ongoing challenge for many shale oil and gas initiatives. The time and resources required in the handling, processing, and disposal of brine has deemed many a project cost prohibitive.

A solution to this problem now exists!

Today, the Oil & Gas Industry is faced with an exceptional opportunity to pursue Energy Independence in conjunction with the pursuit of an untapped and abundant supply of water. AHT Solutions, LLC is determined to locate an adequately funded Partner to team-up with on a Path to Energy Independence and convert that Path to an Expressway for the abundant supply of both Energy and Water.

We welcome your interest in a technology that has the potential of turning brine disposal problems into environmentally sound Water Resource Recovery Projects.

Our Breakthrough Technology recovered a potable water resource from a West Texas drilling company’s exceptionally high salinity brine and the photo from recent Test & Demo Operations reveals its potential.

Jars Image (details below)

Brine Input to a Brine Disposal System (BDS) developed by AHT Solutions with over 170,000 mg/l (ppm) of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is in Sample Jar #1 in the rear far left.

Concentrated Brine withdrawn from the system’s Brine Concentrator is shown in Sample Jar #2. It was estimated to have a total solids content (dissolved and suspended) of over 400,000 mg/l as suspended solids were seen in the sample and on the conductivity probe – while immediately upon sampling the conductivity meter was indicating over 360,000 mg/l TDS.

Brine & Settled Solids are shown in Sample Jar #3 within less than 2 hours of sampling. The brine above the settled solids was reduced to about 120,000 mg/l TDS. Returning this brine to the Brine Concentrator could yield a potable water resource recovery in excess of 80%.

Product Water Output from the BDS is shown on the right in Sample Jar #4. With less than 100 mg/l (ppm) TDS this is a potable water resource that can be recovered from the most troublesome waste waters. Our BDS is ideally suited to handle waste waters with severe fouling and scaling tendencies that are totally incompatible with conventional heat exchangers and evaporator systems.

Fluid Bed Heat Exchanger technology is the technology that makes this possible.

We are currently seeking opportunities to convert Waste Water Disposal Problems into environmentally sound Water Resource Recovery Projects. If the conversion of a Problem to a Resource appeals to you, please forward / share this introduction with your like-minded Friends & Associates.

If you would like to contact us directly or should you have any questions, please use the following contact form.